06 July 2012

Yuki Shaved Ice

If you are now or ever will be in the Provo/Orem, Utah area, and if you like treats that are not only cold, but delicious, then please do yourself a favor and visit Yuki.

Yuki is a shaved ice shack, but calling it a shaved ice shack does it a disservice. So what, do you ask, makes Yuki so special? They make all their own syrups from scratch and from local ingredients as much as possible. It makes a world of difference as far as flavor is concerned. No funky after taste, no "I think this is lime..." internal conversations, just refreshing deliciousness. Plus you can get your ice topped with sweet cream and/or ice cream. I've had strawberry, lime, mojito, and raspberry. Raspberry is by far my favorite, but they were all delicious.

Be aware that the cost is more than your average helping of shaved ice, but the difference is definitely made up in taste and quality. Also the owner is a friendly delight!

Here is their website with the address and hours.
Here is their Facebook page for you to like.

Raspberry Yuki


  1. Yuki is the best most refreshing treat I have ever had!

  2. Jacob and I went to Yuki Shaved Ice on Saturday (as per your recommendation), and it was divine. I got the apricot with sweet cream on top--it made a woman out of me.